This figure is a screen shot that shows two tabs at the top. The first tab is labeled "Sizing" and the second tab is labeled "Alignment". The Sizing tab is selected and shows a box that represents a ListView control. The ListView control takes up approximately half of the width of the screen and approximately 70% of the height of the screen and contains 11 rows that alternate between white and light gray. Row 1 contains the string "Hot dog". Row 2 contains the string "Hamburger". Row 3 contains the string "French fries". Row 4 contains the string "Carrot sticks". Row 5 contains the string "Chicken salad". The remaining rows are blank.

To the right of the ListView control are four buttons arranged vertically. The top button is labeled "Add"; the second button is labeled "Delete"; the third button is labeled "Move Up"; and the bottom button is labeled "Move Down". The buttons are the same width.

Below the ListView control are three buttons arranged horizontally. The first button is labeled "Apply"; the second button is labeled "Continue"; and the last button is labeled "Exit". The font for the Exit button is bigger than the font for the other buttons, but the buttons are the same width and height.