The illustration shows a screen capture of the Ensemble application with JavaFX 2 UI controls. The controls are presented in rows. Each row contains five groups of controls. All the groups are accompanied by a text label corresponding to the type of controls.

The first (topmost) row contains the following groups of controls: an accordion (with three elements Node 1, Node 2, and Node 3), a checkbox, color buttons (Yellow, Orange, and Blue), graphic button with an icon, and a hyperlink with an icon.

The second row shows the following controls: a radio button, three toggle buttons (Cat, Dog, and Horse), a choice box, a horizontal list view, and a simple vertical list view.

The third row contains the following controls: progress bars, progress indicators, scroll bars, a fragment of the table view (the column contains names of Jacob, Isabella, and Ethan), and two tabs.

The fourth row shows the following controls: a text label with graphic, a text label without graphic, a text field, a tool bar, and a tree view (the root node contains four child nodes).