Application Attributes

This appendix specifies all Application Attributes and the allowed locations for each attribute (JAD, Manifest, or both), along with information about the specification version.

Not all Application Attributes make sense for every implementation of MEEP 8 though. If for example installation of an application suite is not supported, it makes no sense to use MIDlet-Install-Notify.

In Table A-1 below, <locale> represents a valid value of the microedition.locale system property.

Status :
= MUST appear
= MAY appear
in manifest and/or JAD file as indicated in the respective columns.

Manifest and JAD :
= can be placed in this location
– = not allowed in this location.

Table A-1 : Application Descriptor Attributes

Attribute Name





MIDlet-Name IMP-1.0
MIDlet-Version IMP-1.0
MIDlet-Vendor IMP-1.0
MIDlet-<n> IMP-1.0
MicroEdition-Profile IMP-1.0
MicroEdition-Configuration IMP-1.0
LIBlet-Name MEEP 8
LIBlet-Version MEEP 8
LIBlet-Vendor MEEP 8
LIBlet-Services MEEP 8
MIDlet-Jar-URL IMP-1.0
MIDlet-Jar-Size IMP-1.0
LIBlet-Jar-Size MEEP 8
MIDlet-Name-<locale> MEEP 8
MIDlet-Description IMP-1.0
MIDlet-Description-<locale> MEEP 8
MIDlet-Info-URL IMP-1.0
MIDlet-<n>-<locale> MEEP 8
MIDlet-Update-URL MEEP 8
MIDlet-Data-Size IMP-1.0
MIDlet-Push-<n> IMP-NG
MIDlet-Install-Notify IMP-NG
LIBlet-Install-Notify MEEP 8
MIDlet-Required-IP-Version MEEP 8
MIDlet-<n>-Type MEEP 8
MIDlet-<n>-Category MEEP 8
LIBlet-Description MEEP 8
LIBlet-Description-<locale> MEEP 8
MIDlet-Dependency-<n> MEEP 8
LIBlet-Dependency-<n> MEEP 8
MIDlet-Event-Launch-<n> MEEP 8
MIDlet-Delete-Notify IMP-NG
LIBlet-Delete-Notify MEEP 8
MIDlet-Dependency-JAD-URL-<n> MEEP 8
LIBlet-Dependency-JAD-URL-<n> MEEP 8
MIDlet-Permission-<n> MEEP 8
MIDlet-Permission-Opt-<n> MEEP 8
MIDlet-Permissions IMP-NG
MIDlet-Permissions-Opt IMP-NG
LIBlet-Permissions MEEP 8
LIBlet-Permissions-Opt MEEP 8
LIBlet-Permission-<n> MEEP 8
LIBlet-Permission-Opt-<n> MEEP 8
MIDlet-Certificate-<n>-<m> MEEP 8
MIDlet-Jar-RSA-SHA1-<n> MEEP 8
LIBlet-Certificate-<n>-<m> MEEP 8
LIBlet-Jar-RSA-SHA1-<n> MEEP 8
MIDlet-Profile-Request MEEP 8

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