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Oracle® Java Micro Edition Software Development Kit Developer's Guide
Release 8 for Windows



Title and Copyright Information


Part I Introduction

1 Before You Begin

2 Creating a Java ME SDK 8 Sample Project

Part II Devices

3 Using the Emulators

4 Using the External Events Generator

5 Working with Devices

Part III NetBeans IDE

6 Creating Projects

7 Viewing and Editing Project Properties

8 Finding Files in the Multiple User Environment

9 Logs

10 Profiling Applications

11 Network Monitoring

12 Memory Monitoring and Runtime Tracing

13 Application Debugging

Part IV Security

14 Security and IMlet Signing

15 Custom Security Policy and Authentication Providers

Part V Optional Packages

16 API Support

17 JSR 75: PDA Optional Packages

18 JSR 120: Wireless Messaging

19 JSR 172: Web Services Support

20 JSR 177: Smart Card Security (SATSA)

21 JSR 179: Location API Support

Part VI Sample Applications

22 Using Sample Applications

Part VII Appendixes

A Using the Command-Line Emulator

B Installation and Runtime Security Guidelines