The figure shows the New Java Embedded Application window. The left-hand part of the window shows the Steps pane that contains two steps: 1. Choose Project and 2. Name and Location, where the second step is shown in bold. The right-hand part of the window is titled Name and Location and contains the following elements: The Project Name field contains ME8 EmbeddedApplication1. The Project Location text field shows C:\NetBeansProjects. The Project Folder text field shows C:\NetBeansProjects\ME8 EmbeddedApplication1. The JDK Path drop-down list contains JDK 1.8 (Default). The Java ME Platform contains Oracle Java (TM) Platform Micro Edition SDK 8.0. The Device drop-down list shows the EmbeddedExternalDevice1. The CLDC-1.8 radio button is selected, the MEEP-8.0 radio button is selected. The Create Midlet check box is selected and contains me8embeddedapplication1.ME8EmbeddedApplication1. The right bottom corner of the window contains the following buttons: Back, Next in the disabled state, Finish highlighted in blue, Cancel, and Help.