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Oracle® Java ME Embedded Developer's Guide
Release 8.1
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E OEM Extensions

This chapter describes the OEM Extensions, which provide a mechanism to add extensions to the binary runtime of the Oracle Java ME Embedded software.

E.1 Using OEM Extensions

The Oracle Java ME Embedded software enables you to extend the binary runtime by making your own Java packages available to IMlets as OEM extensions. You specify the location of the JAR files that contain your packages in a configuration file and IMlets can use those packages at run time.

To make your packages available to IMlets as OEM Extensions, follow these steps:

  1. Write the Java classes in your package.

  2. Compile your classes.

  3. Preverify your classes.

  4. Create a JAR file that contains your classes.

  5. Add the JAR file to the configuration file jwc_properties.ini.

    1. Edit the file jwc_properties.ini. This file is located in runtimes/meep/bin/jwc_properties.ini in the Windows distribution and in java/jwc_properties.ini in the distribution for the reference board.

    2. Locate the line that contains the configuration setting extraclasspath.

    3. Add the location of your JAR file. Use a semicolon between paths if you have more than one JAR file, for example:

      extraclasspath = C:/myjar1.jar;C:/myjar2.jar


      You must use forward slashes in the paths in extraclasspath.

  6. Share the JAR file and the details of your packages with the IMlet programmers that need to use your classes.