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Oracle® Java Micro Edition Software Development Kit Developer's Guide
Release 8.1 for Windows
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11 About Java ME Demo Applications

The Oracle Java ME SDK 8 includes demo applications that introduce you to the emulator's API features and the Oracle Java ME SDK 8 features, tools, and utilities that support the various APIs.


Before using the Oracle Java ME SDK 8 demo applications, carefully read Appendix B. Some demonstrations use network access and open ports, and do not include protection against malicious intrusion. If you run the demo projects, ensure that your environment is secure.

Demo applications are installed with the Java ME SDK plug-ins for NetBeans IDE and Eclipse IDE. Additional demo applications may become available through the update center. For more information about installing the plug-ins and the update center, see Chapter 2.

The following demos are available by default:

Running Demo Applications

You can run the default demo applications from NetBeans IDE or Eclipse IDE by creating the corresponding project. Then you run the project to try out the features that the demo was created for.

To create a Java ME demo application project in NetBeans IDE:

  1. Open the File menu and select New Project.

  2. In the Categories list, expand Samples and select Java ME SDK 8.1.

  3. Select the demo application from the Projects list and click Next.

  4. Enter a name for the project or leave the default, change other settings as necessary, and click Finish.

To create a Java ME demo application project in Eclipse IDE:

  1. Open the File menu, select New, and then Example.

  2. In the New Example wizard, select Java ME Sample Applications and click Next.

  3. Select the demo application from the list and click Finish.

Configuring the Web Browser and Proxy Settings

If you are behind a firewall, you can configure the demo applications to use proxy server settings that you define.

The demo application proxy server settings typically match the proxy server settings used in your web browser. To manually set the proxy server settings for your demo applications, do the following:

  1. Open the Device Selector.

  2. Select the platform name to view its properties.

  3. Specify the HTTP Proxy Settings, HTTP Proxy Host, and HTTP Proxy Port fields to match your network and browser settings.


Sometimes a demo application does not run successfully. Often, the problem is your environment.

  • Some demonstrations require specific setup and instructions. For example, see "Configuring the Web Browser and Proxy Settings."

  • Because sample programs can be started remotely, virus checking software can sometimes prevent them from running. In the console, you see warnings that the emulator cannot connect.

    Consider configuring your antivirus software to allow access to sample application directories and components.