The figure shows a Device Connections Manager window. There is a toolbar with the four pictograms on the left-hand side. A pictogram with a green plus sign is used to add a new device connection. A pictogram with a red minus sign is used to remove the selected device connection. A pictogram with a grey rectangular and a green error is used to setup a new device. A pictogram with an image of a hand pointing to a small white square located over a small green square is used to open the Options dialog window. On the right-hand side of the toolbar there are two pictograms: a question mark that is used to open the Help window and the grey door with a green errors that is used to exit from the Device Connections Manager. There are the following headings called Connection, Status, Device Name/Device Name Template, and Platform.The Connection column displays a fictitious IP address and the Status column displays Connected. The Device Name/Device Name Template column displays EmbeddedExternalDevice and the Platform column displays Raspberry Pi.