The Export key into Java ME SDK/Platform/Emulator window shows the elements that follow: The Keystore File text field contains the C:\Users\<name>\AppData\Roaming\NetBeans\8.0\config\j2me\builtin.ks path. The Key Pair Alias text field contains the minimal value. The Certificate Details pane contains the following lines: minimal in bold, Subject:CN-minimal, Issuer: CN-minimal, Valid: 21.03.2014 - 17.0.2014. The Emulator drop-down list shows the EmbeddedExternalDevice1, the Security Domain drop-down list shows the minimum value. The Keys Registered in the Emulator text area shows the details for the Key:1 such as Owner CN=AddTrustExternal CA Root, OU=AddTrustExternal TTP Network; Valid from May 30 03:48:38 PDT 2000 till Sat May 30 03:48:38 PDT 2020 The Key:1 details are highlighted with blue. The Delete key button is shown on the right of the Keys Registered in the Emulator text area. The right bottom corner of the window contains the Export, Close, and Help buttons.