The figure shows the Project Properties - GPIODemo window where the Platform category is selected in the Categories pane. The right-hand part of the window contains the following elements: the JDK Path drop-down list with the JDK 1.8 (Default) selected, the Java ME Platform drop-down list with the Oracle Java(TM) Platform Micro Edition SDK 8.2 selected, the Configuration drop-down list with the <default config> selected, the Device list with the EmbeddedExternalDevice selected, the CLDC-1.8 radio button is selected, the MEEP-8.0 is selected. The Optional Packages list contains the following check boxes: Application Protocol Data Units APIs 1.0, Configuration API 1.0, Device I/O API 1.0, FileConnection Optional Package 1.0, Generic Connection Framework 1.8, HTTP Client 1.0, JSON 1.0, Java Cryptographics Extension APIs 1.0, Java ME Web Services 1.0, Location Based APIs 1.0, all of which are selected.