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Oracle® Java Micro Edition Embedded Client Reference Guide, Version 1.0

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Part I  Developer Guide

1.  Introduction

2.  Execution

3.  Developing Applications

Part II  Java Virtual Machine Reference

4.  Java Virtual Machine Capabilities

5.  Internal Memory Allocator

6.  Threading

7.  Internationalization

8.  External PBP Porting Layer Plugin

Part III  Working Without An IDE

A.  Legacy Tools


Part II

Java Virtual Machine Reference

Part two describes attributes of the Java Virtual Machine.

Java Virtual Machine Capabilities:

Discusses developer interaction with the JVM.

Internal Memory Allocator:

Describes JVM memory management.


Discusses the threading behavior of the JVM.


Discusses ROMized and Non-ROMized locales and character converters.

External PBP Porting Layer Plugin:

Discusses the JGFX graphics framework.