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Oracle® Java Micro Edition Embedded Client Architecture Guide
Release 1.1.1
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4 Customization

This chapter describes how you can customize an Oracle Java Micro Edition Embedded Client binary to fit device and market requirements. You can install and delete components, adjust the security policies, and tune memory consumption and performance. For detailed descriptions refer to the Customization Guide.

This chapter includes the following topics:

Removable and Installable Components

If your deployment does not need the following components, you can remove them and save memory:

Locales and Character Sets

Oracle Java Micro Edition Embedded Client's default definitions of locales and character sets are contained in user-modifiable files. You can add locales and character sets to these files.


When the Security Optional Package is in place (not removed), Oracle Java Micro Edition Embedded Client's security model and is identical to that of Java SE 1.4. The Oracle Java Micro Edition Embedded Client Customization Guide has more information on configuring the security features.


When you launch the virtual machine, you can specify dozens of options that affect performance. For example, you can set the limit for the size of the heap (which affects the frequency of garbage collection), the amount of memory the compiler can use for compiled code, and so on.