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Oracle® Java Micro Edition Embedded Client Developer's Guide
Release 1.1.1
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1 Introduction

This chapter describes the Oracle Java ME Embedded Client components, developer tools, and application programming interface (API) documentation.

This chapter includes the following topics:

1.1 Overview

The Oracle Java ME Embedded Client, version 1.1.1 is based on the Connected Device Configuration of Java Micro Edition (JavaME), also known as CDC. The product also includes the Foundation Profile (FP) and optional packages based on Java Service Requests (JSRs) in the Java Community Process.

Refer to the Oracle Java Micro Edition Embedded Client Architecture Guide for a more detailed overview of this release.

1.2 Developer Tools

The Oracle Java ME Embedded Client allows developers to develop, build and test embedded applications. Limited support is provided for IDE environments such as NetBeans. Developers can work with command line tools directly, rather than using an IDE interface.

For an overview of command line options, refer to Chapter 2, "Compiling Your Application."

The Oracle Java Micro Edition Embedded Client Installation Guide describes how to configure these IDEs to work with the SDK.

1.3 Finding API Documentation

The API documentation for CDC, FP, and for JSRs supported in this release, are found online at:

If you prefer to download the API documentation for a configuration, profile or optional package and install it locally, visit the Java Community Process (JCP) program web site. For example, for JSR 218 (CDC 1.1):