AGUI System Properties

An implementation of JSR-209 provides values for the following keys via the system properties :

javax.swing.JComponent.setBackground.isRestricted "true" if and only if JComponent.setBackground() is restricted
javax.swing.JComponent.setBorder.isRestricted "true" if and only if JComponent.setBorder() is restricted
javax.swing.JComponent.setForeground.isRestricted "true" if and only if JComponent.setForeground() is restricted
javax.swing.JComponent.setToolTipText.isRestricted "true" if and only if calls to JComponent.setToolTipText() fail silently
javax.swing.JList.setCellRenderer.isRestricted "true" if and only if JList.setCellRenderer() is restricted
javax.swing.setMnemonic.isRestricted "true" if and only if calls to setMnemonic() fail silently
javax.swing.text.JTextComponent.setFocusAccelerator.isRestricted "true" if and only if calls to JTextComponent.setFocusAccelerator(char) fail silently
javax.swing.JMenuBar.clientPropertiesSupported "true" if and only if JMenuBar supports client properties for consumer devices
javax.swing.JMenuBar.NUM_SOFT_KEYS The number of soft keys available on the device, if JMenuBar client properties are supported; undefined otherwise
javax.swing.JMenuBar.NUM_SOFT_MENUS The number of soft menus available on the device, if JMenuBar client properties are supported;  undefined otherwise
javax.swing.JTabbedPane.setToolTipTextAt.isRestricted "true" if and only if calls to JTabbedPane.setToolTipTextAt() fails silently.

  1. Access to the above keys via the system properities is never security constrained.
  2. The term undefined as used above means that the key is not present in the system properties.
  3. Applications are encouraged to use Boolean.getBoolean() in accessing the above properties for upward-compatibility to J2SE.  Any property value other than "true", including undefined, shall therefore be interpreted as the boolean false.