JDBC for CDC/FP Optional Package Specification v1.0

Last updated 8/14/2002

Change Log

Public Review Draft
  • Added requirements section to overview
  • Updated lists of methods removed during subsetting
  • removed URL meta-data methods from DatabaseMetaData
  • removed URL setter and getter methods from Rowset
Community Review Draft
  • Added additional usage clarifications in DataSource and Connection classes
Expert Draft 3
  • Removed support for UDT types, Array, Struct, SQLData, SQLInput, SQLOutput and Ref
  • Removed methods for setting and getting type maps from Connection and ResultSet
  • Removed methods for retreiving objects, that took a type map as a parameter, from ResultSet and CallableStatement
  • Removed methods for setting parameters by name in CallableStatement
  • Removed ParameterMetaData
Expert Draft 2
  • Removed Driver, DriverManager, DriverPropertyInfo and the SQLPermission classes from java.sql
  • Added toString methods to DataTruncation, SQLException and SQLWarning to substitute logging previously supplied by DriverManager
  • Removed Javadoc references to DriverManager
Expert Draft 1
  • Removed deprecated methods and constructors
  • Removed all method signatures referencing BigDecimal - not supported on CDC/FP
  • Removed support for Connection Pooling and XA transactions

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