Recommended Practice for Applications

Preferred Application Model

This specification specifies two application models, Xlet,
and public static void main(String[]). The application model
recommended for platforms implementing this specification is the Xlet
application model. The following are recommended practices for the
development and deployment of Xlets:

Xlet Packaging

Xlets should be packaged in JAR files as described in:

Use of the Manifest file

The JAR file format allows the definition of custom tags in
the JAR file "Manifest" which might be used for domain specific
properties. Specifications referring to this JSR are encouraged to
use this mechanism in their specification rather than inventing their
own. One such standard property is "Main Class:" which is defined in
the JAR file specification as being the main class that is executed
at run time if the only the JAR file is specified for execution.

Notes on compliance and other specifications

Where implementations of this specification are built into devices and
used in combination with other specifications, if those other
specifications also provide an application model then it is allowed
that none of the application models here be exposed to the outside
world by the device under normal circumstances. This does not remove
the obligation on the device manufacturer to pass the TCK for this
specification and to support the application model(s) used/tested by
the TCK for this specification. Possible solutions include supporting
this specification's application models only in some kind of device
specific "test mode" or supporting them via an application level
wrapper which translates the device's preferred application model into
the one needed for the tests.