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This book describes how to use the Security and Trust Services APIs (SATSA) for the Java™ 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME™) 1.0 Reference Implementation (RI) to create applications that can communicate with a smart card and perform cryptography.

Who Should Read This Book

This book is designed for Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) developers who wish to learn how to use the SATSA APIs. Its purpose is to provide a practical introduction to SATSA without being an exhaustive reference. For comprehensive coverage of SATSA, refer to the Security and Trust Services API specification, available at

Before You Read This Book

You should already understand how to create MIDP applications before you read this book. You also need to understand the Java Card platform. The following books are good resources:

  • Java Card Platform, Version 2.2.1 Development Kit, User’s Guide, available from
  • MIDP Reference Implementation, Version 2.0, Using MIDP, available from
  • MIDP Reference Implementation, Version 2.0, Creating MIDlets Suites, available from
  • How This Book Is Organized

    Chapter 1 is an overview of SATSA and describes the tools that are available in the SATSA RI.

    Chapter 2 gives background information on the capabilities of the SATSA APIs and how they can be used in MIDP applications.

    Chapter 3 describes how to use SATSA-APDU to communicate with smart card applications.

    Chapter 4 describes using SATSA-JCRMI as an alternate method for communicating with smart card applications.

    Chapter 5 details how to use the SATSA-PKI API.

    Chapter 6 includes information on programming with SATSA-CRYPTO.

    Online References

    The following web page is a collection of resources for learning MIDP 2.0 application programming:

    Learning Path: Getting Started with MIDP 2.0

    Sun’s Mobility page is also a helpful starting point for wireless and Java Card topics:

    The J2ME Wireless Toolkit is an excellent tool for creating MIDP applications:

    The Source for Java Developers web site enables you to access Java™ platform technical documentation online:

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    We are constantly improving our products and documentation and welcome your comments and suggestions. Provide feedback to Sun at


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