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Oracle® Java ME Embedded Device Access API Guide
Release 3.3
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10 Modem Control Signals

The package contains interfaces and classes for controlling modem signals.

The ModemSignalListener Interface

The ModemSignalListener interface defines methods for being notified of modem signal changes.

The ModemSignalListener interface contains one method.

The ModemSignalsControl Class

The ModemSignalsControl interface provides methods for controlling and monitoring modem signals.

The ModemSignalsControl class consists of six constants:

The ModemSignalsControl class also consists of three methods:

The ModemSignalEvent Class

The ModemSignalEvent class encapsulates modem signal state changes. If signal state change events for the same peripheral are coalesced the value retained is that of the last occurrence.

The ModemSignalEvent class consists of two constants:

The ModemSignalEvent class also consists of two constructors and several methods: