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Oracle® Java ME Embedded Application Management System API Guide
Release 3.4
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4 Suite Storage Manager

This chapter introduces the Suite Storage Manager. The Suite Storage Manager and its associated classes provide the primary interface for accessing all application, library, and link suites that are stored on the system.

SuiteStoreManager Interface

The SuiteStoreManager interface is obtained from the AmsFactory class and provides the main access to the applications, libraries, and links that have been installed on the AMS. Using the methods in this interface, the programmer can query against a suite for a specific name, vendor, or suite type. In addition, the programmer can install a listener that listens for changes in the suite storage.

The SuiteStoreManager interface has the following methods:

SuiteStoreListener Interface

The SuiteStoreListener is an interface that is used to monitor changes to the suite storage. There are five methods that are called by the SuiteStoreManager to indicate that the state of a suite is changing. Each method passes in the SuiteInfo descriptor of the app, library, or link in question.