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Oracle® Java Micro Edition Software Development Kit Developer's Guide
Release 3.0.5 for Windows
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29 JSR 239: Java Bindings for Open GL ES

JSR 239 provides a Java language interface to the open standard OpenGL ES graphics API.

29.1 Open GL Overview

JSR 239 defines the Java programming language bindings for two APIs, OpenGL for Embedded Systems (OpenGL ES) and EGL. OpenGL ES is a standard API for 3D graphics, a subset of OpenGL, which is pervasive on desktop computers. EGL is a standard platform interface layer. Both OpenGL ES and EGL are developed by the Khronos Group

While JSR 184 (which is object oriented) requires high level functionality, OpenGL is a low-level graphics library that is suited for accessing hardware accelerated 3D graphics.

Explore the OpenGL ES Demo sample project code.