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Oracle® Java Micro Edition Software Development Kit Developer's Guide
Release 3.2 for Windows
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7 Searching the WURFL Device Database

The Wireless Universal Resource File (WURFL) is an XML file that acts as a global database of mobile device capabilities. WURFL is an open source project at The WURFL DB ( is a web-based interface that allows WURFL contributors to add or change device information in the WURFL.

The SDK uses a WURFL module to discover devices based on API support or on physical characteristics such as physical memory size or display size.

7.1 WURFL Search for Devices

Follow these instructions to search for devices.

  1. Select Tools > Java ME > Device Database Search.

    The WURFL Device Search tab opens in the main window.

  2. Check Use Filter to see search options.

    If you do not check Use Filter, all devices in the database are listed. See Section 7.2, "WURFL Search Filtering".

  3. Make a selection from the dropdown menu on the left.

    If applicable, the center dropdown displays a list of conditions. The menu on the right displays a value.

  4. To add another search criteria, click the + button.

    Click the - button to remove a search setting.

  5. Click the Search button.

    The search returns devices that match all the chosen criteria. The results are not case sensitive.

  6. Click on a device to view its properties on the right, as shown below.

    Description of wurflsearch.gif follows
    Description of the illustration wurflsearch.gif

    See Section 7.2, "WURFL Search Filtering".

7.2 WURFL Search Filtering

As discussed in Section 7.1, "WURFL Search for Devices", you can use the filter to set search constraints. If Use Filter is not checked all devices are listed. If Use Filter is checked, you must set at least one constraint.

Supported Properties

This utility searches on a predefined list of constraints that have corresponding properties in the Oracle Java ME SDK.

To see the full list of WURFL constraints, go to:

See also Section 7.1, "WURFL Search for Devices".