Lightweight UI Toolkit

Version 1.4

June 2010

Q: Under what license is LWUIT released?
A: LWUIT is available under two licenses GPLv2+Class Path Exception (see LICENSE file) and the SLA binary license for the binary distribution.

Q: Can I use LWUIT in a binary application? Can I obfuscate my application with LWUIT?
A: Yes, if you make changes to LWUIT's code you must contribute the changes to the code back to the community under the terms of the GPL license however the classpath exception allows you to bundle LWUIT without requiring you to reveal your own unrelated source code.

Q: Why another Java ME UI toolkit?
A: Key design goals for LWUIT were to enable rich and compelling applications on todays targets mass-market phones combined with the familiarity of existing APIs (AGUI and Swing), ease of deployment, and a liberal open source license. We felt that LWUIT was unique and compelling enough to make it available to the general developer community. We are looking forward to your feedback and involvement.

Q: Is LWUIT limited to MIDP platforms?
A: No. LWUIT is a library that can be ported to any Java platform that supports basic 2D rendering. LWUIT will initially be released for MIDP 2.0 but a CDC/FP/PBP version will follow soon. This means applications based on LWUIT will easily migrate from one platform to another as long as LWUIT is available for the target platform.See What's New in This Release

Q: Does LWUIT supersede/replace/make obsolete MIDP?
A: No. LWUIT offers a rich UI alternative that sits on top of the MIDP APIs. Both complement each other and LWUIT remains strictly optional for use by the developer.

Q: Does LWUIT supersede/replace/make obsolete JSR 226 (SVG) or JSR 209 (AGUI)?
A: No. LWUIT includes SVG integration and because LWUIT is inspired by the AGUI/Swing APIs developers should find it easy to move between LWUIT and AGUI/Swing APIs now and for future platforms. As mentioned above LWUIT remains strictly optional for use by the developer depending on the particular need and situation.

Q: How does LWUIT relate to Java FX Mobile?
A: As mentioned above LWUIT runs on the vast majority of MIDP devices and is an option to address today's market. Java FX Mobile targets future advanced smart phones representing a very different segment of the market. That said, Java FX Mobile will run LWUIT-based applications just fine, either with LWUIT top of MIDP or LWUIT on top of CDC/FP/PBP/AGUI.

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