JavaTest™ Harness Release Notes

Version 4.4

May 26, 2011

Table of Contents


Security Note

Bugs Fixed in Release 4.4

Known Bugs in Release 4.4

Changes Since JavaTest Harness, Version 3.2

Usage Notes


The JavaTest harness, Version 4.4 is a feature release. It fixes bugs and it contains the following notable changes:

Security Note

The directories linux, solaris, and win32 each contain a subdirectory named bin, which contains a script named javatest. All of these directories and files are provided for convenience and can be deleted without harm. (If the javatest launch script is deleted you can start the harness by pointing a JVM at the javatest.jar file.)

For example, issue this command from the top of the unpacked product:

% rm -r solaris linux win32

Bugs Fixed in Release 4.4

This maintenance release of the JavaTest harness contains fixes for the following bugs:

Bug ID Description
6495417 Improve usability of the "Report Converter" tool.
6497948 Improve test selection GUI by employing check-box tree.
6513941 Save view filter setting.
6540784 Improve speed of loading the ResultCache file.
6767605 Restoring state for slightly different test suites causes problem.
6793690 Harness takes an unreasonably long time to start executing a large number of selected test names.
6901152 Allow known test execution order.
6957357 Configuration->Load Recent Configuration menu behavior is incorrect.
6942088 Not possible to generate COF file for old results.
6867785 COF generator doesn't use the platform of the host where the tests have been executed.
6974144 COF generator should always add information on test cases to XML.
6974915 COF file should be based on the JTI for providing info about tests which were not run.

Known Problems

The following are known issues in the JavaTest 4.4 release.

Bug ID Description
6434239 A long name for template/configuration files cannot be fully displayed.
6446655 There's a keyboard navigation problem in the Tests To Run tree.
6451875 Log Viewer: Impossible to mark log text when live scrolling mode is ON.
6478125 Some files remain locked after closing the working directory, preventing the deletion of the directory.
6488302 Errors while opening write-protected working directory.
6518334 Report Converter does not generate an error message for an existing report file.
6518375 Resolving conflicts between two reports in the Report Converter is confusing.
6543609 "Waiting to lock test result cache" is not interruptible.
6675884 Tooltips in PropertiesQuestion are sometimes incorrect.
6796286 Inconsistent style for editing numeric values in IntQuestion, FloatQuestion and PropertiesQuestion.

Changes Since JavaTest Harness, Version 3.2

The JavaTest harness, Version 4.1 release provided basic changes in the following areas:

Version 4.1.2 was a bug fix release.

Version 4.1.3 added support for test suites based on JUnit 3.8.x and 4.x and also addressed bug fixes.

Version 4.1.4 was a bug fix release.

Version 4.2 was a bug fix release.

Version 4.2.1 was a maintenance release. It included changes to enable the Test Panel to update as a test runs, and extended the Quick Pick execution to include Tests to Run settings in configurations. This behavior is controlled by preference settings.

Version 4.3 was a maintenance release with the following major features:

Usage Notes

Run JavaTest harness, Version 4.4 with Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) 6.0 or later.

Printing Pages from the Online Help and Test Reports

Because of the method the Java SE platform uses to render fonts, when you print a document from the JavaTest user interface, the fonts in the printed documents are larger than they are when rendered on the screen.

The JavaTest harness User's Guides have been provided in PDF form for your use in printing pages from the documents. While the online help viewer supports printing operations, in some cases you may be unable to use it to print a specific page. If this occurs, use the PDF version of the appropriate User's Guide to print the page. Printing of non-HTML report types is not supported. Users are informed of this when they attempt to print a non-HTML report type. Support will be added for this in a future release.

Changing Status Colors in the GUI

The JavaTest harness allows the user to specify the status colors used in the GUI. See the online help for detailed information about changing the default status colors. A limited number of color options is available in the GUI Preference dialog.

Agent Monitor Tool

The Agent Monitor tool may not apply to all test suites, even if the test suite uses an agent. See your test suite documentation for detailed information about the agent that it uses and its use of the Agent Monitor tool.

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