Module jdk.jshell
Package jdk.jshell

Class EvalException

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    public class EvalException
    extends JShellException
    Wraps an exception thrown in the remotely executing client. An instance of EvalException can be returned in the SnippetEvent.exception() query. The name of the exception thrown is available from getExceptionClassName(). Message and stack can be queried by methods on Exception.

    Note that in stack trace frames representing JShell Snippets, StackTraceElement.getFileName() will return "#" followed by the Snippet id and for snippets without a method name (for example an expression) StackTraceElement.getMethodName() will be the empty string.

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      • getExceptionClassName

        public String getExceptionClassName()
        Returns the name of the Throwable subclass which was thrown in the executing client. Note this class may not be loaded in the controlling process. See Class.getName() for the format of the string.
        the name of the exception class as a String