Example Applications

Below are two application examples:

Bound Properties

This application consists of an ActiveX container with two beans packaged as ActiveX controls: BoundPropTest, a JavaBeans button; and the JellyBean bean. The applications works because the button is registered as a listener with JellyBean. Every time the JellyBean is clicked, the button receives notification and code is called that changes the text on the button. Download the following resources for this application to set it up and run it: boundprop.exe, BoundPropTest.dll, and JellyBean.dll.

To run the application on your computer, copy BoundPropTest.dll and JellyBean.dll to <jre_home>\axbridge\bin on your computer. Register both .dll files with regsvr32.exe. Then execute boundprop.exe. You should see the following:

Sample window



The Calendar application is similar. It consists of an ActiveX container with an ActiveX control calendar and a JavaBean calendar. In this application, both components are registered with each other as listeners. Changes in one calendar are reflected in the other via change notification. Download the resources for this application to set it uo and run it: cal.exe and JCalendarPanel.dll. (Copy JCalendarPanel.dll to <jre_home>\axbridge\bin and register it; then execute cal.exe. You should see the following.

Sample calendar window


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