Protocol Support

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Java Plug-in supports HTTP, FTP, and GOPHER protocols, including built-in proxy configuration support.



HTTPS is supported in Java Plug-in through Java Secure Socket Extension (JSEE), which provides a Java implementation of SSL and HTTPS for the Java platform.

Error handling support

When accessing an HTTPS server, errors may occur. Java Plug-in has hooked into JSSE to provide the following types of error handling:

Potential issues with HTTPS through JSSE

Although support of HTTPS through JSSE eliminates many browser-specific problems, there are several issues that developers should be aware of:


Java Plug-in currently supports SOCKS version 4.

Note: For HTTP/HTTPS, a SOCKS proxy server may be used with a web proxy server to add caching. The behavior, however, may differ from that observed when running a similar configuration in a browser without Java Plug-in.

NTLM Authentication

Java Plug-in supports NTLM authentication protocol for HTTP/HTTPS. When attempting to access a server requiring NTLM authentication, the following dialog is displayed:

NTLM Authentication required. Provide your username, password and domain name

To authenticate enter User Name, Password and the Domain in the respective fields.

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