10 Acknowledgments

The design and implementation of new security features in Java 2 SDK is the work of primarily members of the JavaSoft security group. Other (past and present) members of the JavaSoft community provided invaluable insight, detailed reviews, and much needed technical assistance. Significant contributors, in alphabetical order, include but are not limited to: Gigi Ankeny, Josh Bloch, Satya Dodda, Charlie Lai, Sheng Liang, Jan Luehe, Marianne Mueller, Jeff Nisewanger, Hemma Prafullchandra, Roger Riggs, Nakul Saraiya, Bill Shannon, Roland Schemers, and Vijay Srinivasan.

This work is not possible without strong support from JavaSoft management (our thanks go to Dick Neiss, Jon Kannegaard, and Alan Baratz), and the testing and documentation groups (especially Mary Dageforde). We are grateful for technical guidance from James Gosling, Graham Hamilton, and Jim Mitchell.

We received numerous suggestions from our corporate partners and licensees, whom we could not fully list here.

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