Java Mission Control is a Profiling, Monitoring, and Diagnostics Tools Suite.


jmc [ options ]

Options, if used, should follow immediately after the command name. Options may be in any order. For more information about the options used with the jmc command, see Options.


Java Mission Control is a tool for production time profiling and diagnostics for the HotSpot JVM. The two main features of Java Mission Control are the Management Console and Java Flight Recorder, but several more features are offered as plug-ins, which can be downloaded from the tool. Java Mission Control is also available as a set of plug-ins for the Eclipse IDE.


The following options are available when you launch Java Mission Control.


Prints jmc command help.


Prints the version of Java Mission Control and exit.


Prints the version of Java Mission Control and continue.


Enables debug output.


Prints the Eclipse log on the console. (Flag from Eclipse).

-data workspace

Sets the workspace used while running Java Mission Control. The default workspace is $HOME/.jmc. (Flag from Eclipse).

-open file

Opens the file in Java Mission Control. For example, to open a Flight Recording file (.jfr file).


Passes this eclipse-option to the underlying Eclipse platform.


Passes this jvm-option to the running Java Virtual Machine.

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