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Troubleshooting Guide for Java SE 7 Desktop Technologies

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1.  Introduction

2.  AWT

3.  Java 2D

4.  Swing

5.  Internationalization

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Troubleshooting

6.  Java Sound

7.  Applets and Java Web Start Applications

8.  Submitting Bug Reports

A.  Java 2D Properties

B.  Fatal Error Log

Chapter 5


This chapter provides information and guidance on troubleshooting issues that might be found in the area of internationalization support. For detailed information, visit the Java Internationalization site.

5.1 Introduction

Before troubleshooting, make sure that you understand the difference between internationalization and localization:

The user interface libraries in the Java SE platform enable the development of rich interactive applications. The internationalization aspects include text input, text display, and user interface layout. The following descriptions show the relationship between internationalization and the functionality provided by the AWT, Java 2D, and Swing APIs:

5.2 Troubleshooting

The Java Internationalization FAQ document answers general questions, as well as specific questions such as the following: