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Oracle® Java Embedded Suite Application Developer's Guide
Release 7.0
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1 Overview

This chapter summarizes the components of the Oracle Java Embedded Suite.

Table of Contents

1.1 About the Oracle Java Embedded Suite

The Oracle Java Embedded Suite adds database, RESTful web services, and servlet facilities to the Java SE for Embedded devices Java runtime environment. Chapter 8 describes samples of all services, working together and separately. The code for these samples is available in the companion samples bundle.

For the version numbers of all components, refer to the Release Notes.

1.2 About Oracle Java SE Embedded

Oracle Java SE Embedded is a large subset of the desktop standard Java SE. Graphical interfaces, such as Swing and AWT are not provided so that memory usage is consistent with the needs of mid-size headless embedded devices. In addition, Oracle Java SE Embedded benefits from many space optimizations, while maintaining API compatibility with Java SE. The secure execution environment, automatic garbage collection, and other familiar Java virtual machine benefits are all provided for embedded applications.

Because of Java SE and SE Embedded compatibility, and the fact that all Oracle Java Embedded Suite components are 100% Java code, developing embedded applications is considerably simpler than in languages such as C. Familiar Java development tools, such as the NetBeans integrated development environment, can be used. No cross-development tools are necessary, and there is no question of toolchain compatibility. Application bytecodes compiled on a desktop system run identically (except for speed) when copied to a target device. See Chapter 3 for more information on application development with Oracle Java Embedded Suite.

Chapter 4 gives more information on Oracle Java SE Embedded.

1.3 About Java DB

Java DB is a relational database accessed via SQL over JDBC. The Java DB edition included in Oracle Java Embedded Suite has been optimized for embedded applications by removing unneeded features such as the network client and server. For embedded applications, Java DB embeds in the application as a library.

Chapter 5 gives more information on Java DB.

1.4 About GlassFish for Oracle Java Embedded Suite

Oracle Java Embedded Suite includes a small-footprint version of the GlassFish application server. It supports hosting Servlet 3.0 applications. The GlassFish application server is packaged as a library that the virtual machine loads with an embedded application.

Chapter Chapter 6 gives more information on GlassFish.

1.5 About Jersey RESTful Web Services

Jersey is Oracle's implementation of JAX-RS (JSR 311), which is the Java API for RESTful web services. Jersey also includes additional features such as a proprietary RESTful client API. The small footprint lightweight HTTP server included in Oracle Java SE Embedded can host simple RESTful web services. Full-featured RESTful services can be hosted on the GlassFish container.

Chapter 7 gives more information on Jersey.