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Appendix   A

JMX Technology Versions

Java Management Extensions Technology (JMX) became a standard part of the Java platform in the Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE) 5.0. The JMX technology was developed through the Java Community Process (JCP) as two closely related Java Specification Requests (JSRs). The versions of the JSRs implemented in Java SE 5.0 are detailed in the following sections.

Java Management Extensions (JMX) Instrumentation and Agent Specification (JSR 3)

The Java SE 6 platform implements version 1.4 of the JMX Specification (Maintenance Release, October 2006). It incorporates the modifications listed in the errata provided with the download.

JMX Remote API Specification (JSR 160)

The Java SE 6 platform implements version 1.4 of the JMX Remote API Specification (Maintenance Release, October 2006).

In addition to standard RMI and RMI/IIOP connectors, JSR 160 also defines optional JMX Messaging Protocol (JMXMP) connectors based on TCP sockets. The Java SE platform does not include these optional connectors. However, you might want to use JMXMP connectors if, for example, you require a more advanced level of security.

If you want to use a JMXMP connector, download the JSR 160 Reference Implementation from the download page specified at the beginning of this section, and add the jmxremote_optional.jar file to your classpath. You will find examples of use of JMXMP connectors in the JMX Remote API Tutorial included with the JSR 160 Reference Implementation.


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