JNDI Enhancements

Java SE 7 Enhancements
Java SE 6 Enhancements
Java SE 5.0 Enhancements
Java SE 1.4.1 Enhancements
Java SE 1.4 Enhancements
Java SE 1.3 Enhancements

Enhancements in Java SE 7

There were no enhancements in this release.

Enhancements in Java SE 6

There were no enhancements in this release.

Enhancements in Java SE 5.0

Support for retrieving an absolute name from the NameClassPair class
This feature enables getting the LDAP Distinguished Name from the SearchResult. To support this, two new methods have been added to the javax.naming.NameClassPair class:
Support for standard LDAP controls
The necessary LDAP controls are already supported in the LDAP Booster Pack extension package which is available for the JNDI/LDAP service provider. The LDAP controls have been recently standardized in RFCs. These are made available in the javax.naming.ldap package through the following classes.
  • ManageReferralControl (RFC 3296)
  • PagedResultsControl (RFC 2696)
  • PagedResultsResponseControl
  • SortControl (RFC 2891)
  • SortKey
  • SortResponseControl
  • BasicControl
Support for manipulation of LDAP names
This feature enables easy manipulation of LDAP Names to build distinguished names or relative distinguished names methodically, and enables formatting them into their strings representation as defined by RFC 2253. To support this, two new classes have been added to the javax.naming.ldap package.

Enhancements in Java SE 1.4.1

LDAP Service Provider

Enhancements in Java SE 1.4.0

DNS Service Provider
LDAP Service Provider

Enhancements in Java SE 1.3

DNS Service Provider
An Internet Domain Naming System (DNS) service provider has been added. This component enables applications to read data stored in the DNS.
Security Enhancements to the LDAP Service Provider
These enhancements bring the LDAP service provider in conformance with standard LDAP security requirements (RFC 2829) and promote better interoperability with widely deployed LDAP servers.
  • Support for the "Start TLS" (Transport Layer Security) extension (RFC 2830) and External SASL authentication mechanism. This enables applications to establish secure sessions over existing LDAP connections. This feature introduces two new classes.
  • Support for the GSS-API/Kerberos v5 SASL authentication mechanism (RFC 2222). This enables secure, authenticated access to the Windows 2000 and XP Active Directory servers.
  • Support for the Digest-MD5 SASL authentication mechanism (RFC 2831).

See the LDAP Service Provider documentation and the JNDI Tutorial for details and examples.

"corbaname" and "corbaloc" URL Support
The COS naming service provider supports the Interoperable Naming Service (INS) specification (99-12-03). This enables applications to use the "corbaname" URL from the initial context and to configure the provider by using the "corbaname" and "corbaloc" URLs.

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