Uses of JPS Attributes

Unlike attributes of previous Java printing APIs, the Java Print Service attributes can be used in both the program and from the user dialog. Applications can specify as little as needed about how a job should be printed and can inspect the selections made by end users in user dialogs.

The JPS attributes are designed to be extensible. An AttributeSet can contain anything that properly implements the Attribute interfaces, which means that the set of standard attributes can evolve and still be compatible with future JDK versions, and implementors of services can extend attributes in two ways:

Demonstrating attribute usage from the user dialog requires providing a user interface, which is beyond the scope of this user guide. Likewise, extending JPS attributes is a task for service providers, and is not included as an example in this version of the user guide. However, the Printing a Document chapter explains a simple printing application, which covers the basics of using the JPS attributes as described in this chapter.

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