The illustration shows gallery of JavaFX UI controls. The controls are presented in rows. Each row contains five groups of controls. All the groups are accompanied by a text label identifying the type of control above it.

The first (topmost) row contains the following groups of controls: an accordion (with three elements Node 1, Node 2, and Node 3), three checkboxes (with the third one being disabled and greyed out), color buttons (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet), graphic button with an icon, and a hyperlink with an icon.

The second row shows the following controls: a radio button, three toggle buttons (Cat, Dog, and Horse), a choice box, a horizontal list view, and a simple vertical list view.

The third row contains the following controls: progress bars, progress indicators, scroll bars, a fragment of the table view (the column contains names of Jacob, Isabella, Ethan Emma, and Michael), and four tabs.

The fourth row shows the following controls: five advanced text labels with graphic and labels in different location in relation to the graphic (below, to the right, above, to the left, and on the center of the graphic), a simple label with a graphic to its left, a text field, three tool bars with different background colors (white, gray, and blue), and a tree view (the root node contains six child nodes).