The diagram shows boxes that represent the classes that reside in the package and the variables that each class includes. The boxes drawn from top to bottom and left to right are labeled Media, MediaPlayer, MediaView, and MediaErrorEvent. Directional arrows connect the boxes: An arrow points from the Media Box to the MediaPlayer box. Another arrow points from MediaPlayer box to the MediaView box. And a third arrow points up from the MediaErrorEvent box to the MediaPlayer box. The Media class variable are: DURATION, ERROR, WIDTH, HEIGHT, and OR_ERROR. The MediaPlayer class variables are: STATUS, VOLUME, RATE, AUTO_PLAY, BALANCE, MUTE, START_TIME, STOP_TIME, TOTAL_DURATION.... The MediaView class variables are: MEDIA_PLAYER, X, Y, SMOOTH, VIEWPORT, PRESERVE_RATION, FIT_HEIGHT, FIT_WIDTH,.