This illustration shows an Open resource file window. The window is divided into two parts.

The left part is the directory structure, which contains several items. The root item, Desktop, is expanded to Libraries and Computer. The Computer directory is selected.

The right part of the window contains the following system items, from top to bottom: Hard Disk Drives and Devices with Removable Storage.

Hard Disk Drives has two disks, System (C:) and Data (D:). The availability of both disks is shown by using progress bars. The progress bar of disk C indicates that 246 GB of 326 GB are free. The progress bar of disk D indicates that 101 GB of 130 GB are free.

Devices with Removable Storage has the DVD RW Drive (F:).

Under the disk information there is a combo box labeled File name. Two buttons are located under the combo box. From left to right they are Open and Cancel. The Open button is highlighted with a blue border.