Class UnknownDirectiveException

    • Constructor Detail

      • UnknownDirectiveException

        public UnknownDirectiveException​(ModuleElement.Directive d,
                                         Object p)
        Creates a new UnknownElementException. The p parameter may be used to pass in an additional argument with information about the context in which the unknown directive was encountered; for example, the visit methods of DirectiveVisitor may pass in their additional parameter.
        d - the unknown directive, may be null
        p - an additional parameter, may be null
    • Method Detail

      • getUnknownDirective

        public ModuleElement.Directive getUnknownDirective​()
        Returns the unknown directive. The value may be unavailable if this exception has been serialized and then read back in.
        the unknown directive, or null if unavailable
      • getArgument

        public Object getArgument​()
        Returns the additional argument.
        the additional argument, or null if unavailable