Package jdk.incubator.http

High level HTTP and WebSocket API

Incubating Feature. Will be removed in a future release.

Provides high-level client interfaces to HTTP (versions 1.1 and 2) and WebSocket. The main types defined are:

The API functions asynchronously (using CompletableFuture) and work is done on the threads supplied by the client's Executor where practical.

HttpClient also provides a simple synchronous mode, where all work may be done on the calling thread.

CompletableFutures returned by this API will throw UnsupportedOperationException for their obtrudeValue and obtrudeException methods. Invoking the cancel method on a CompletableFuture returned by this API will not interrupt the underlying operation, but may be useful to complete, exceptionally, dependent stages that have not already completed.

Unless otherwise stated, null parameter values will cause methods of all classes in this package to throw NullPointerException.