Interface FunctionExpressionTree

    • Method Detail

      • getName

        IdentifierTree getName​()
        Returns the name of the function being declared.
        name the function declared
      • getParameters

        List<? extends ExpressionTree> getParameters​()
        Returns the parameters of this function.
        the list of parameters
      • getBody

        Tree getBody​()
        Returns the body of this function. This may be a BlockTree when this function has a block body. This is an ExpressionTree when the function body is a concise expression as in an expression arrow, or in an expression closure.
        the body of this function
      • isStrict

        boolean isStrict​()
        Is this a strict function?
        true if this function is strict
      • isArrow

        boolean isArrow​()
        Is this a arrow function?
        true if this is a arrow function
      • isGenerator

        boolean isGenerator​()
        Is this a generator function?
        true if this is a generator function