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Part I Java Management Extensions Technology User’s Guide

1 Introduction to JMX Technology

2 JMX Technology Architecture

3 Instrumenting Your Resources for JMX Technology

4 Using JMX Agents

5 Using JMX Connectors to Manage Resources Remotely

6 Discovery and Lookup Services

7 JMX Technology Versions

8 Java Management Extensions (JMX) API Specification

Part II Java Management Extensions (JMX) Technology Tutorial

9 Getting Started

10 Essentials of the JMX API

11 JMX Connectors

12 Lookup Services

13 Security

Part III Java Management Extensions Examples

14 JMX Essentials

15 JMX MBean Notifications

16 MXBeans

17 MBean Descriptors

18 JMX Connectors

19 Service Location Protocol (SLP) Lookup Service

20 Jini Lookup Service

21 Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI)/LDAP Lookup Service

22 Simple Security

23 Security with Subject Delegation

24 Fine-Grained Security