6 Java IDL and RMI-IIOP Tools and Commands

You use the Java Interface Definition Language (IDL) and Java Remote Method Invocation interface over the Internet Inter-Orb Protocol (RMI-IIOP) tools and commands to create applications that use OMG-standard IDL and CORBA/IIOP.

The following sections describe the Java IDL and RMI-IIOP tools and commands:

  • tnameserv: You use the tnameserv command as a substitute for Object Request Broker Daemon (ORBD). It starts the Java Interface Definition Language (IDL) name server.

  • idlj: You use the idlj command to generate Java bindings for a specified Interface Definition Language (IDL) file.

  • orbd: You use the orbd command for the client to transparently locate and call persistent objects on servers in the CORBA environment.

  • servertool: You use the servertool command-line tool to register, unregister, start up, and shut down a persistent server.