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Oracle® Java Access Bridge Installation and Application Developer's Guide
Release 2.0.2 for Microsoft Windows (32-Bit and 64-Bit)
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6 Troubleshooting

This section describes known problems of and usage tips for those developing Assistive Technology applications for Java Access Bridge.

Known Problems

Re-Registering Menu Events Generates Duplicate Copies

Registering, unregistering, then registering again menus events results in Java Access Bridge generating duplicate copies of the event.

MenuDeselected Events Generated When Menu is Closed

You will not receive MenuCanceled (or PopupMenuCanceled) events. To determine that a menu has been closed, look for MenuDeselected events.

Usage Tips

Determining Changes in Menu Item Selection

Use State PropertyChange events to determine changes in menu item selection (for example, when the user uses the arrow buttons or keys to go up or down within a menu).

Tracking Values of GUI Elements

Use the AccessibleValue support and Value PropertyChange events to track the values of GUI elements like sliders and scroll bars.

Determining Selected Items

Use the AccessibleSelection support to determine which items are selected in containers that contain items such as lists and tables. This is more efficient than enumerating all of the children and examining their StateSet attribute to see if the Selected value is among them.