Description of the illustration jconsole-memory-tab.png

This illustration shows a screenshot of the JConsole window. At the top of the window, the title bar contains the following text: "Java Monitoring & Management Console - pid: 15988 jdk.jconsole/ 21156".

Below the title bar is a menu bar that consists of three menus: Connection, Window, and Help.

The window is divided into six tabs that are located below the menu bar: Overview, Memory, Threads, Classes, VM Summary, and MBeans.

The Memory tab is selected. At the top of the tab is a row of three elements: a dropdown list labeled Chart with the Heap Memory Usage item selected, a dropdown list labeled Time Range with the All item selected, and a button labeled Perform GC.

Below these elements is a graph with six time values on the horizontal axis ranging from 16:18 on the left to 16:23 on the right with an interval of one minute each. The vertical axis contains five memory size values ranging from 10 Mb at the bottom to 30 Mb at the top with an interval of 5 Mb each. At the place where the graph line ends on the right is a label that says: "Used 17,998,208".

Below the graph, at the bottom of the window, is a group labeled Details. In the left part of that group is a pane with a summary of five values:

Time: 2019-12-17 16:23:51
Used:       22,797 kbytes
Commited:   35,840 kbytes
Max:     4,153,344 kbytes
GC time: 0.414 seconds on G1 Young Generation (238 collections)
         0.100 seconds on G1 Old Generation (3 collections)

In the right part of the Details group are seven vertical gauges, three of them are located above a box labeled Heap, and five are above a box labeled Non-Heap. To the left of the gauges is a vertical scale axis with five values ranging from 0% at the bottom to 100% at the top with an interval of 25%.