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Using Text Attributes to Style Text
Trail: 2D Graphics
Lesson: Working with Text APIs
Section: Advanced Text Display

Using Text Attributes to Style Text

Applications typically need the capability to apply the following text attributes:

These and other text attributes can be applied by using the Java 2D TextAttribute class.

To apply these text attributes by add them to a Font object. For example:

Map<TextAttribute, Object> map =
    new Hashtable<TextAttribute, Object>();
font = font.deriveFont(map);

The code example represented below shows the application of text attributes in the following order:

  1. Sample string (no text attributes applied)
  2. Kerning
  3. Kerning and Underlining
  4. Kerning,Underlining and Strikethrough
  5. Kerning,Underlining, Strikethrough and Color

Note:  If you don't see the applet running, you need to install at least the Java SE Development Kit (JDK) 7 release.

The complete code for this applet is in

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