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Question 1. Which class would you use to store your birthday in years, months, days, seconds, and nanoseconds?

Answer 1. Most likely you would use the LocalDateTime class. To take a particular time zone into account, you would use the ZonedDateTime class. Both classes track date and time to nanosecond precision and both classes, when used in conjunction with Period, give a result using a combination of human-based units, such as years, months, and days.

Question 2. Given a random date, how would you find the date of the previous Thursday?

Answer 2. You can use the previous method of a TemporalAdjuster:

LocalDate date = ...;
System.out.printf("The previous Thursday is: %s%n",

Question 3. What is the difference between a ZoneId and a ZoneOffset?

Answer 3. Both ZoneId and ZoneOffset track an offset from Greenwich/UTC time, but the ZoneOffset class tracks only the absolute offset from Greenwich/UTC. The ZoneId class also uses the ZoneRules to determine how an offset varies for a particular time of year and region.

Question 4. How would you convert an Instant to a ZonedDateTime? How would you convert a ZonedDateTime to an Instant?

Answer 4. You can convert an Instant to a ZonedDateTime by using the ZonedDateTime.ofInstant method. You also need to supply a ZoneId:

ZonedDateTime zdt = ZonedDateTime.ofInstant(,

Alternatively, you could use the Instant.atZone method:

ZonedDateTime zdt =;

You can use the toInstant method in the ChronoZonedDateTime interface, implemented by the ZonedDateTime class, to convert from a ZonedDateTime to an Instant:

Instant inst =;


Exercise 1. Write an example that, for a given year, reports the length of each month within that year.

Answer 1. See for a solution.

Exercise 2. Write an example that, for a given month of the current year, lists all of the Mondays in that month.

Answer 2. See for a solution.

Exercise 3. Write an example that tests whether a given date occurs on Friday the 13th.

Answer 3. See and for a solution.

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