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Deployment Toolkit
Trail: Deployment
Lesson: Deployment In-Depth

Deployment Toolkit

The Deployment Toolkit script is a set of JavaScript functions that can help developers deploy rich Internet applications (RIAs) consistently across various browser and operating system configurations. The Deployment Toolkit script evaluates the underlying browser and operating system, and deploys the RIA with the correct HTML. This script can also ensure that the required version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) software is present on the client machine. The Deployment Toolkit script was introduced in the Java Platform, Standard Edition 6 update 10 release.

Location of Deployment Toolkit Script

The Deployment Toolkit script exists at the following web addresses:

Note: The web address is being phased out. Use the web address to launch all apps.

The JavaScript code in this location has been minimized so that it can load quickly. You can view the human readable version of the JavaScript code with associated comment blocks at

Note: The JavaScript interpreter should be enabled in the client's browser so that the Deployment Toolkit script can run and deploy your RIA properly.

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