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Self-Contained Application Examples

The following table lists the examples in the Deploying Self-Contained Applications lesson. The first column shows the name of the example. The second column shows a link to a zip file with the complete source code. You can download the example and generate a self-contained application by running the ant package command from the project's root folder. The third column has a link to the Java Tutorials topic where the example is described in detail.

Example Zip File
(contains all source files necessary for the example plus NetBeans IDE project metadata)
Where Described
Dynamic Tree Demo packager_DynamicTreeDemo Converting an Existing Application
File Associations Demo packager_FileAssociations Using File Associations
File Associations Demo packager_MultipleLaunchers Using Multiple Entry Points

The SelfContainedApplicationExamples zip file contains the complete set of examples listed in the table.

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