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Trail: JavaBeans(TM)
Lesson: Writing JavaBeans Components


A bean class can fire off any type of event, including custom events. As with properties, events are identified by a specific pattern of method names.

public void add<Event>Listener(<Event>Listener a)
public void remove<Event>Listener(<Event>Listener a)

The listener type must be a descendant of java.util.EventListener.

For example, a Swing JButton is a bean that fires action events when the user clicks on it. JButton includes the following methods (actually inherited from AbstractButton), which are the bean pattern for an event:

public void addActionListener(ActionListener l);
public void removeActionListener(ActionListener l);

Bean events are recognized by builder tools and can be used in wiring components together. For example, you can wire a button's action event to make something happen, like invoking another bean's method.

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