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Debugging SDP
Trail: Sockets Direct Protocol
Lesson: Understanding the Sockets Direct Protocol

Debugging SDP

You can enable debugging messages by using the -Dcom.sun.sdp.debug flag. If you specify a file, the messages will be output to that file. Otherwise, the messages will be printed to standard output.

This first example shows sample messages printed to standard output:

% java -Dcom.sun.sdp.conf=sdp.conf -Dcom.sun.sdp.debug ExampleApplicaton
BIND to (socket converted to SDP protocol)
CONNECT to (no match)
CONNECT to (socket converted to SDP protocol)

This second example shows the output redirected to a file named debug.log:

% java -Dcom.sun.sdp.conf=sdp.conf -Dcom.sun.sdp.debug=debug.log ExampleApplication 
[1] 27310
% tail -f debug.log
BIND to (socket converted to SDP protocol)

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