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Sign the JAR File
Trail: Security Features in Java SE
Lesson: Signing Code and Granting It Permissions
Section: Steps for the Code Signer

Sign the JAR File

Now you are ready to sign the JAR file. Type the following in your command window to sign the JAR file Count.jar, using the private key in the keystore entry aliased by signFiles, and to name the resulting signed JAR file sCount.jar:

jarsigner -keystore examplestore -signedjar sCount.jar Count.jar signFiles 

You will be prompted for the store password and the private key password.

Note: The jarsigner tool extracts the certificate from the keystore entry whose alias is signFiles and attaches it to the generated signature of the signed JAR file.

Time stamping the signature is recommended, and a warning is shown if the signature is not time stamped. The time stamp is used to verify that the certificate used to sign the JAR file was valid at the time of signing. See Signing JAR Files for information on the jarsigner options for including a time stamp with the signature.

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